Southern Plateau-Sahaptin, culture group

Gathering Basket with Tumpline

Oval, rigid, cedar root bundle construction, coiled basket. Tump line is braided and woven cornhusk. Partially imbricated geoimetric design. Buckskin loops and ties around rim., height: 12"; depth: 8"; width: 10", William Manning organized his collection by categories listing this basket in the category: Hard Weave Baskets and noting its origin as "Joseph Band, Colville Reservation, Wash." Source: Accession record 1, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, 1926 W. M. Manning Indian Collection inventory.

Beaded Horse Mask

Dark blue stroud background with red stroud insets of 8 point and 4 point stars, white seed beads in zig-zag pattern around edges, hair fringe from nose; center piece (forelock) decoration of clipped, orange dyed feathers with clipped white feathers held by painted parfleche circle center., height: 23 1/2"; width: 24 3/4"; width: 32 3/4"

Beaded Martingale

Dark blue stroud backgrown with red stroud insets of 8 pt. and 4 pt. stars; white seed beads in zig-zag pattern around edges. Hair fringe from nose. Center piece (forelock) decoration of clipped orange dyed feathers with clipped white feathers held by painted parfleche circle center., height: 25"; width: 22 3/4"

Beaded Coin Purse

Small round, fully beaded bag. Back side is buckskin with flat belt loop. Beaded edges. Small loop for closure. Star design done in flat stitch technique., Diameter: 3 3/4"; depth: 7/8"

Beaded Martingale

Dark blue wool background with red wool binding; center design of 4 petal flower in pink, red, brass interior painted glass bugle bead sections. Stems and leaf design flank center flower in pink and brass interior pointed bugle bead sections with brass bells attched at ends of two each fringe., height: 7"; length: 46 1/4"; fringe: 4 1/2"

Beaded Babyboard

Back covered with tightly stretched off-white cotton, sewn to board on lower two-thirds, through holes drilled in board with leather thongs. Top part edged with red stroud. Carrying strap also attached through two holes drilled in center of board with thong, is of blue/gray wool felt, lined with muslin. Edged in red stroud. Front: Top is red wool stroud, as is hood. Stylized floral and geometric beaded designs in translucent dark green, amber, light blue and cobalt. Hood edged with beaded lines. Blue/gray felt cut out and appliqued around faced edge. Lower section muslin with oval red stroud. Opening strung with thong to tie baby in, edged with appliqued blue/gray felt. Triangles and striping on baby sack. Beading done with thread., length: 33"; width at widest point: 12"

Men's Moccasin Pair

Pair of men's Plateau syle moccasins with heavy bison hide soles, not as heavy as Plains rawhide soles. The uppers are lighter elk hide dyed yellow from bison gall or yellow ochre. The cuff is ankle height and stands straight up. There is a thin piece of tanned hide added to the top of the cuff that folds over. This piece of tanned hide is rounded at the front and extends in front by almost three inches. All sewing is done with cotton thread. The back seam of the cuff is covered by a half inch wide band of seed beading. This band consists of alternating diagonal lines of dark and light blue seed beads. The tongue is a long rectangular piece of tanned hide sewn on with cotton thread. The front of the cuff on each side is threaded with a single tanned hide between the two sides that then ties. The entire front of the upper is decorated with an elaborate stylized floral design in light blue, dark blue, yellow, green, red, and pink seed beads. 13/0 and 14/0 cut beads., length: 8 13/16"; width: 4 1/4"

Woman's cornhusk bag

Rectangular, flat, twined, cornhusk bag. Geometric designs in orange, purple, green and yellow. Buckskin handle. Hemp and cotton weft at top and base, balance cornhusk and wool., height: 8 5/8"; Width at Bottom: 7 3/16"; Width at Top: 6 1/2"

Woman's Cornhusk Bag

Rectangular, flat, twined, cornhusk bag. Red and blue, (one side) and red, black, yellow and blue, (other side) geometric designs. Buckskin handles. Hemp and cotton weft at top and base, balance cornhusk and wool., height: 7 1/4"; Width at Top: 5 3/4"; Width at Bottom: 6"

Beaded Bag

Rounded, flat, beaded, velvet and buckskin bag. Blue, orange, pink and yellow floral design on green background done in flat stitch technique. Beaded handle. Top 1/3 of bag is red velvet with only scattered beading near top. Lined with black floral textile., length: 6"; width: 4 3/4"