the good persons
James Teit wrote down a story which might explain how gu'lqhestm got its name. The story goes like this: Once a long time ago some women were gathering service berries at a place called gu'lqhestm, a long way up the St. Joe River. Among them were four sisters. One day when it was very hot the women said they would swim in the river. When they were swimming one of the sisters saw in the deep water what she thought was a large fish. She proposed to swim out of it, and said, "Let us see who can reach it first!" When the four sisters reached the spot where the fish was, it went down, and immediately all the sisters sank and were seen no more. The other women who were watching said, "That was no fish, it was the tongue of a water mystery." Near this place is a mountain with a little "mystery" lake on the top called tqhistm "good". Shortly after the drowning of the sisters some people were up on this mountain and discovered the hair of the sisters on the shores of this lake. They reported this to the parents of the girls, who went there and took the hair away. After this people knew that there was a water passage between the river and the lake on the top of the mountain.
khwi' khwe hntmikhw'lumkhw This is My land