place for swallowing
Near amotqn was hnq'emmn "place for swallowing" a lake and swampy area often visited by moose. If you look closely at the drawing, you can see the stick which is known to jump out of th water of hnq'emmn. At the other end of the lake is a browsing moose. Here is what James Teit wrote about it: Near the head of St. Joe River is a lake called hnq'emmn ["swallowing"]. When people look at it sticks jump out of the water. The Indians are afraid of this lake and never go near it. Once two brothers were traveling on a ridge above this lake. The elder brother said to the younger, "Go and bring me some water from the lake, I am very thirsty." The younger brother said, "I am afraid. No one ever goes near this lake." The elder answered, "You must go, for I shall die of thirst. You must bring me some water." The lad hurried to the lake, drew a little water quickly, and then ran back up the hill. The water followed him uphill. He hurried to his brother, put down the water bucket beside him, and then ran down the opposite side of the hill. The elder brother watched the water rise to the top of the hill, then it stopped a moment, and disappeared down the hill, catching his brother halfway down. Then it rose to the top of the hill again, and receded to the lake. When all was quiet he went over and found his brother dead. He had evidently been drowned by the water when it caught up with him. [The Salishan Tribes of the Western Plateaus]
khwi' khwe hntmikhw'lumkhw This is My land