‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Battle of Big Hole) / Nez Perce Camp [1877], 1927

Cultural Narrative: 

Original hand-drawn color document, 55 x 43 cm. Pictographs drawn by piyopyóot’alikt (Peo-Peo Tholekt) for L.V. McWhorter. Top are elements of the ‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Battle of Big Hole), on August 9, 1877. Lower, rotated 180 degrees, is the Nez Perce camp on the ‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Big Hole River) prior to that battle. Both appear to be underlain by a light pencil map of the lower Montana route of the Nez Perce, including the ‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Big Hole), Cornchalic, and Yellowstone rivers.

In the summer of 1927, three Nez Perce (piyopyóot’alikt (Peo Peo Tholekt), hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf), and 'iléxni 'éewteesin'(Many Wounds)) and Yakima rancher Lucullus V. McWhorter traveled to the battlefields of the 1877 Nez Perce War and wrote down the Nez Perce men's memories of what had happened.

If you visit the ‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Big Hole National Battlefield) today, you will find teepee frames marking the Nez Perce chiefs' tents, with their names noted with small plaques, using this map as a template for where they originally were (https://goo.gl/maps/jDwhHjCSUYKu25oB9).