‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Big Hole) camp

Cultural Narrative: 

Nez Perce camp ground at the ‘ickum’kiléelixpe (Big Hole Battlefield). On verso of photograph: “Looking into the valley of the Big Hole where Chief Joseph's Nez Perces was encamped on Sept 9th when he was attacked by the command of General Gibbons who drove the Indians from their village out Joseph rallied them and in turn drove Gibbon's men to cover in the wood just at the edge of the valley where his men held their ground at the expensed of a large number of killed and wounded during a siege that lasted for some 2 1/2 days often which the Nez Perce retired in the direction of Bainrock Yellowstone Park and Clark's Fork. Photograph Oct 12th 1930 by Emil Kopak Oshkosh Nebr”