I think that many of the traditions especially putting back into what you take. The need to pray over your hunt and the sacrifice that the animal in turn gave up so you could eat are very important things that are being lost. The education system is definitely lacking when it comes to teaching the truth. the amazing thiing with our country is that we are willing to go to war to force other countries to agree to treaties that they have signed or made. However we are more than happy to laugh off our history or mention it as a mistake in our countries history. that being our only apology. We made a mistake and we are sorry for it. It is very sad that so much has been lost and without effort from everyone we will continue to lose even more.

I found the map interesting. I know where reservations are but see how small they are compared to the ceded land was shocking. I knew they "lost" a lot of land but I didn't know how much. I don't know if ceded is the right word for the map since the indians didn't give up the land or abandon it since my impression was that they were made to leave. I think it would be interesting to lay this over a current map and see what cities have developed. Karlin Ekberg

I agree with Karlin and Quanah, I thought the map and article were interesting. America is very hypocritical when it comes to treaties and our history, and the truth of how this country was settled is being left out of schools. I remember in elementary school around thanksgiving time (I think this was 2nd grade) we had an assembly where the boys dressed up as Indians and the girls dressed up as pilgrims and we did this song and dance about sharing turkeys and all sorts of nonsense. I think the education part needs to be taken a lot more seriously.

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