Beaded Babyboard


Back covered with tightly stretched off-white cotton, sewn to board on lower two-thirds, through holes drilled in board with leather thongs. Top part edged with red stroud. Carrying strap also attached through two holes drilled in center of board with thong, is of blue/gray wool felt, lined with muslin. Edged in red stroud. Front: Top is red wool stroud, as is hood. Stylized floral and geometric beaded designs in translucent dark green, amber, light blue and cobalt. Hood edged with beaded lines. Blue/gray felt cut out and appliqued around faced edge. Lower section muslin with oval red stroud. Opening strung with thong to tie baby in, edged with appliqued blue/gray felt. Triangles and striping on baby sack. Beading done with thread., length: 33"; width at widest point: 12"