Beaded Buckskin Dress


Tag on dress "Made by Ella McCarty, Spokane Tribe". Her mother was Evelen Hill. Dress, made of tanned hide. There is a pair of hide tie strings on either side of the neck. Background beadwork is pink seed bead. Across the shoulders are five arrows (red with black outline) with a strip of green connecting each one. On either side of opening to the neck is a green shape that looks like "TTT". Around neck is a step pyramid (yellow and black) pointing down. Along the bottom of the beadwork one more step pyramids pointing up. They are small at the ends and large in the middle. In the middle is a green and orange design with two parallelagrams on each side, red and green, just below beadwork is a tanned hide fringe decorated with pony beads. There are two more rows of fringe, each about a foot apart. The fringe is arranged in bottom and around each arm - back is same as the front, except center design is red and green instead of orange and green. Part of a set: dress; belt: ND.1326; crown: NN94.32; cuffs: NN94.33.a,b length: 51"; width: 50"