Beaded Martingale


A horse breast piece collar or martingale. The collar has a center front medallion, heart-shaped with a butterfly in the center. Twenty-one inch bands extend from the center medallion on each side of it. These bands tie with tanned hide ties attached through a slit in the binding at each end. The whole is embellished with seed bead design of light blue background with brown, yellow, light green orange and blue colored geometric shapes, five shapes on each neck band. The butterfly on the center medallion is yellow with brown outlines against the light blue seed bead field. The field of sead beads is sewn to a heavy weave cotton fabric. Tanned hide seam binding, pinked, is sewn along the top edge and embellished with blue and red pairs of faceted glass beads spaced about 1/4 in. apart. The bottom edge is embellished with fringe that is shorter at the ends and graduates to its longest length in the enter front. It is hand-stitched to the front bottom edge and a pinked edge adds a design element framing the seed bead field. Spaced at approx. 2 in. intervals along the seam of the fringe and the bottom of the sead bead field are sets of one blue bead and one brass bell. There are twenty-six sets in all. This embellishment also extends under the heart in the center but the heart is additionally treated with four combinations of red and blue faceted beads with a white shell bangle. The reverse of the martingale is lined with pieces of a Navajo style blanket. Light green with white, black red, orange, yellow and green stripes., length: 49 3/4"; width: 11", Mrs. Clara Moore was born near the mouth of the San Poil River where it flowed in the Columbia c.1880. She died in the spring of 1972 at age 92 or 93. She is buried at Keller, Washington.