Beaded Pouch


A tear-drop shaped drawstring pouch of tanned hide. The opening rim is decorated with three rows of pink seed beads and one row of alternating black and pink seed beads. The drawstring is violet colored embroidery thread with tassels at the end. The back of the bag is plain. The front is decorated with a large panel of blanket seed beading on a heavy hide insert. The background of the beading is black with a single dark blue and white rose type flower and light green stems and leaves all in seed beads. All sewing is done with white and dark brown cotton thread.,length: 6 1/8"; width: 3 3/4"

Cultural Narrative: 

There is a double edging stitch on this one. They did one of three stitches on top of the other. This was not a common practice, I've never seen this before. Philomena Nome