Beaded Rump Drape


Fully beaded horses' rump drape, Indian tanned muledeer hide, beaded running horses in design on sides, beaded father in the middle hawk bells. The horse is done in brown beads with white spots. The body of the man is in greasy yellow his holding a metallic black rifle and his headdress is done in brick, white and dark blue and his loin cloth is in dark blue along with the horse's mane and tail. The horse is also outlined in dark blue and the man is outlined in red. The background is in light blue with lines of lime at the bottom serving for grass there are sprigs of dark green as grass also. In the center there is a double feather design done in black, white and red with the same light blue background. Surrounding the beaded area of the horse and man on either side are small bells. The rump drape is in excellent condition., fringe: 25"; width: 11"; length: 44", Mrs. Clara Moore was born near the mouth of the San Poil River where it flowed in the Columbia c.1880. She died in the spring of 1972 at age 92 or 93. She is buried at Keller, Washington.