Bill Yallup Jr - Spirituality and Life

Bill Yallup, Jr. talks about the importance of education and passing things down to future generations.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"We have people from all over the world come here and still buy salmon from us. We still do things like that. And maybe they don't understand the appreciation for all these things, these teachings and the time and the energy and the devotion that it takes to learn about caring for things. We have to teach people to slow down and stop and think about it. Caring for something. Caring for yourself. Caring about your elders and your children and everything around you--all that lives--caring about it. I care about it. So I think about caring about all these things and taking care of them. You know, maybe I can share that with you and maybe you'll learn about what I care about and why I care about it. And maybe you take that and have some insight and put that into the fabric of your life that you can take it and use that. Maybe there are others that will witness this and take that and put it into their life and have a insight and understanding of what it's like to be alive. To care about something. And they can teach themselves and their children and their grandchildren that they too can do this. They can be a part of this. They can find that happiness and that meaning about life in their own life. That it's not just me. They have to live it everyday, all the time"