Bryson Liberty - Discrimination in The Dalles

Bryson Liberty shares a story about going to an unwelcoming movie theater in The Dalles, Oregon, as a teenager.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"This friend of mine Cecil Conner, he's from Pendleton probably, a lot of you guys have to remember him. He comes up one Saturday and says hey Lib, let's go down and see a movie this afternoon. And I thought ‘yeah I could see a movie I've got money in my jeans we've been hitting the fish pretty good’. I thought ‘well let’s go!’ So we head downtown, he's got an old Model-B Ford. And we head downtown, there's only one theater I think, right on Main Street. I don't know, the Granada or something. So he parked his old car and we walk around and head down to the theater. We come to the entrance there and he looks and he says ‘hey Lib let's get a loge.’ ‘What's a loge?’ He says it's only 50 cents more. I said ‘yeah, let's go. 50 cents, that's probably a whole fish.’ He takes my money, puts it on the counter. ‘Two loges.’ And that lady looked at us as though we just said her grandmother wore army boots or something. She looked at us and says ‘we don't sell loges to Indians.’ [laughs] I think back now and I didn't know what the hell was going on. And Cecil says give us our money back. And I said ‘yeah, give us our money back’. So we got our money back left. But Cecil said they wouldn't sell us loges because we're Indians and they don't want Indians in there. So I got the idea. And we headed out and went to some restaurant and got something to eat, had a good supper and headed out and went back out to Celilo."