Bryson Liberty - Eels

Bryson Liberty talks about eels (also known as Pacific Lamprey) which are an important food resource of the Columbia River region.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"The first time I went out, I got over there and I thought, ‘well I’m here for the night’. And I thought, Jeez, I didn’t bring anything to eat. So I went over to where this fire was. Here these guys are cooking eels. That was the main fare, eels. Eels a la gratin. So I went over and I said, ‘where do you get them eels?’ ‘Oh, over there.’ I went over and got a couple of eels. The way you cut them is just like cutting up a sausage or bologna or something. And you cut them into chunks about that long. They had a fire going and you got these sticks you just cook them over the fire. That’s what we’d eat at night. And if you want a drink of water, you just drink out of the river. Columbia River in those days you could drink out of the river."