Burial Site at c'aynim 'alikinwaaspa (Bear Paw Mountain Battlefield)

Cultural Narrative: 

This is the location where the casualties of the c'aynim 'alikinwaaspa (Bear Paw Mountain battle) were buried. c'aynim 'alikinwaaspa (Bear Paw) was the last battle of the Nez Perce War of 1877, and the location where hinmatóoyalahtq’it (Chief Joseph) surrendered on October 5, 1877 to Colonel Nelson Miles. It was here that hinmatóoyalahtq’it (Chief Joseph) gave his now famous speech containing the line, "I will fight no more, forever." The burial site was exhumed and the bodies moved to the Custer Battlefield Cemetery. On verso of photograph: "Where the victims of the Bear's Paw Mountain battlefield were buried after the battle, however now removed to the Custer battlefield cemetery. Photo Nov 24th 1932 by Emil Kopac Oshkosh Neb."