Chief Delvis Heath - Creating the Reservation


The following is a transcription of this video
But when the reservation came up they rounded them up and had 5 different bands in the Warm Springs tribe. The John Day band come up the John Day Blue Mountain part. And the ___ people came from the river, the John Day river. ___ Deschutes and ____ and the (native word) from Wind Rock area. (native word 13:20) means rocky area so it all kinda of, 5 people came and gathered and moved to a ____ then they were marched to Warm Springs. When they were going, they stopped at Tygh Ridge. And they told the Corp of Engineers that we know the army that is marching, we know this land, we're going to tell you we've been long before you guys been. And having the earth the Creator, on this land long and you guys are newcomers. We're going to tell you where lands going to be. (Native words 14:05-14:13) It's going to be high, right here on Tygh Ridge. Over to Shanico, over to Grizzly butte, over to Black Butte, and over to Mt. Jefferson and back right here. That's going to be our land. And when they march us there a lot of the people moved in Tygh and other places, so. The reservation became small. And they had surveys come in, naming people who worked for them. The first survey was done by I can't remember his name..___ Henley, Henley. He was drunk all the time, and the government paid him to come survey. We're going this way today, then he'd be drunk. Where we ___? Oh we're going this way today. The line wasn't the straightest one. So they hired McQuin to try work and ___ and it __ they were making on the trees where the land was, the Mcquin line was straight and the Henley line was crooked. They wanted to go with the Henley line because it was shorter. And we fought it and took it to court and they finally went with the McQuin's one, back in '92. We got the land back, we didn't want to take everything away from the people. They were cutting trees all down and continued to do that, we have them 20 years to __ whatever you were doing on the land, we don't want to say just get out of here. That's what they kinda did to our people but we're giving you a chance to back out slow, __ we're giving you 20 years for take off. We waited 20 years, 4___ we finally got the McQuin strip in. We took it off and made the line and added a little more to our tribe, our land that we have. What our reservation is today.