Chief Delvis Heath - He Was Wind Power


The following is a transcription of this video
When they went to war, they came and kept the army was going to come and take the young people at ____ taking all the young men, nope. You aren't going to take our young men. They are our future. You take me, an old man. No, you are too old. They kept telling the army, you take me. They finally got tired, they ___ president general and the president ___ do whatever the Indians want. So they ended up taking the older ones. But one of them, my great grandfather and his power was water. He could jump in the water and swim around. Do anything. Jump off of the falls. Turned his body into water and bullets would go right through. And there was a scout man, when he went down, he was __ scout and he was wind power. And had holes in their clothes, but no bullet holes. Wind goes right through. Those bullet holes go right through the wind. Same as water