Chief Delvis Heath - The Power of the Horse


The following is a transcription of this video
Don't try to force you horse, to get it to go when they don't want to go. He knows and he can see more than you can. Trust him. Let him go where he wants to go and he'll get you there. ___ same thing my brother learned, older brother whose late. He got lost in the mountain. And he start crying and the horse turned around and talked to him. Moony was the name of the horse. ____ (native word 39:08) I know the way out, I'll take you home. And when he got home he came running, "Moony talked to me, he showed me the way home." He lost the power of the horse, any animal talk to you you lose, you tell somebody about it and you lose the power of whatever animal speaks to you. You got to keep it in yourself when an animal talks to you out there. And that, you have the power of that animal, whatever it might be.