Chief Skikey L-R: Fat Louie, Broken Tooth, Chief Peter Moctelme, Chief Wildshoe, Regis Bullmountain, Andrew Youmas


Chief Skikey L-R: Fat Louie (Prayer Leader), Broken Tooth (Orator of the feast), Chief Peter Moctelme, Chief Skikey of the Cusick Indians (Masseslow, Chief of the Kalispels?), Chief Wildshoe (preceded Chief Moctelme), Regis Bullmountain (Sub-Chief) and Captain of the soldiers of the Sacred Heart. Andrew Youmas (Great warrior in Steptoe War)., Statement of Extent: 8x10 print (2); 7x5 A/P; 6x4.5 orig; 4x3 print; tri-x; CN; SFN; height: 4 1/2"; width: 6"