Close Up of Point of Rocks at c'aynim 'alikinwaaspa (Bear Paw Battlefield)

Cultural Narrative: 

The "Point of Rocks" with a haystack in the distant background. This is the location where hinmatóoyalahtq’it (Chief Joseph's) Nez Perce warriors ambushed Miles's men. On verso of the photograph: The "'Point of Rocks' with a haystack in the d at Bear Paw Mountain battlefield where Nez Perce warriors hid and kept up sniper fire at Colonel Miles' men during the Battle of Bear Paw between September 30 and October 5, 1877. A haystack is visible in the background. This was the final battle of the war, and marked the surrender of the Nez Perce, where Chief Joseph delivered his now famous speech containing the line, 'I will fight no more, forever.'" McWhorter visited this site multiple times, first in 1927 when, along with hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf), the battlefield was first staked. In 1932, when this photograph was taken, McWhorter returned to replace stakes that were missing due to weather and erosion. Photographer Emil Kopac of Oshkosk, Nebraska, captured this shot in November 24th 1932.