Colville women pose in ceremonial dress, "Ceremony of tears", Kettle Falls, Washington, 1939


Older women pose in a line, other women & men visible behind them. Several women wear beaded fringed dresses & beaded headbands; others wear print dresses, necklaces, head scarves. Many carry beaded bags. Note from unidentified source: "Ceremony of tears" [the commemoration for the salmon & salmon habitat to be lost when the area was flooded by the building of the Grand Coulee Dam], ca. 1939. L-R. ?, Florence Quill, Sophie Paul Seymour, ? , ?, ?, Millie James, 'Lezet' Camille Pichette, Mary Abraham, Elisha Lawson

Location Description: 

United States--Washington (State)--Kettle Falls