The Death of Chief Kamiaken (clipping)


Clipping of a letter to the editor of an unidentified newspaper, from Daniel Lyons of Palouse Ferry, WA. Lyons gives an account of the death of Chief Kamiaken, and urges white settlers in the area not to sell liquor to Indian people.

Cultural Narrative: 

The Death of Chief Kamiaken: an alternative account of the death of Kamiakin. With the most accepted account being that he died in 1877.

Traditional Knowledge: 

Tribal Histories

The Death of Chief Kamiaken: It is sad that history writes the death of a leader caused by a drunken fall from his horse. This is the first I have heard this. I hope that researchers and interested website visitors learn about the man who was held in high regard by his band of people.The book "Kamiakin, Last Hero of the Yakimas" by A.J. Splawn will give you more insight into this historical leader. Perhaps that will help you think about the need for the "old west" reporters and novelists to serve drama and shock in their writings. Is that any different than our news service today?