Drawing of xexéepil (Man's Hide Leggins) with Quill and Fringe Decorations in the Spalding-Allen Collection

A technical drawing by Nakia Williamson-Cloud of the Leggings in the Spalding-Allen Collection, NEPE 8751-2

Nakia Williamson-Cloud describes making these drawings:



"Bob Chenoweth, you know, the curator at that time, and he’s still there. He wanted to get as much documentation about the material culture, you know, it was being photographed. And it was being photographed again. But he also wanted some of this other more analytical, diagnostic type information. From kind of a tribal person. I did some research on it as well that went along with the illustrations. So that if we were to eventually, those items were to go back to Ohio, that we’d have good documentation that could be retained here."