Eley Smarty and baby before tipi


Photograph of Eley Smarty and baby in front of a tipi, 1915.


Note the adoption of new materials in everyday use: the new style saddle, the canvas teepee, the fabric rope, the blanket doorway, and the woman and child's attire. Vivian Adams, Yakama

Cultural Narrative: 

Eley Smarty and baby before tipi: Notice the adoption of materials used to construct a Plateau common dwelling: canvas. Also cotton cloth for the woman's head scarf, wing dress and the child's clothing, although they both probably still wear hide moccasins and shell jewelry. Their attire replaced the woven basket hat worn by Plateau women, and hide dresses. The rope laying in front of the couple looks to be made from cotton rather than the usual hemp (dogbane) used for cordage. There's even a small "woolen" blanket used as a door cover to the tipi. The saddle looks as though it may be leather rather than the carved wooden saddle frame used by Plateau women. I say this only because the saddle horn does not have a "hook" in front of it with which to carry a babyboard or baskets or root bags. Vivian Adams, Yakama

Traditional Knowledge: 


New style horse saddle, the canvas teepee, the cloth cover, rope