Fish Bag


The Spokane River's spectacular falls draw cultures together. Before dams ended the salmon runs, an array of regional tribes gathered below the falls each spring to fish, trade and celebrate. To carry fish, they made natural grass or rush bags like this one. By 1908, railroads and bridges had nearly blocked the falls from view, but park planners championed the river gorge and its potential as a place for all to enjoy. Years later, the city removed the tracks for a World's Fair and faithfully replicated the historic Monroe Street Bridge. Today, Riverfront Park provides respite and cultural celebrations for residents and visitors, and eagles, osprey, herons and redband trout once again inhabit the gorge. Rectangular bag in vertical twining with braided sides. Mostly natural grass or rush with a few strands of blue and red yarn. Carrying loops at upper corners. width: 15"; height: 13"; Thickness: 1"