Gathering Basket


Rigid, coiled, cedar basket with braided, lobelled rim. Fully imbricated linear design., height: 5 1/4"; Diameter: 5 1/2",

Cultural Narrative: 

This one is a small, small basket with loops on top. I figure it must be six and a half or seven inches tall. It’s decorated with dark circles beginning at the bottom. Well it’s actually dark circle, light circle, dark circle, light circle and regular red cedar and yellow cedar. It looks like they’ve dyed black Beargrass because of how it’s wrapped at the top and in the center. The one at the top has 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 loops. And it has also been used. I think it’s a child’s berrying picking basket. It’s a very tightly woven nice little basket. It could have been made by a young person just learning to weave because it is such a simple design. Or maybe it was done by en elder who didn’t want to get into complicated geometric designs. Vivian Adams