Gathering Basket


Round, coiled, bifurcated, cedar root, bundle construction, gathering basket. Imbricated design. Buckskin handle near top.,, height: 10 1/4"; Diameter: 10"; circumference: 30",

Cultural Narrative: 

This basket can be labeled as a general Yakama basket. With the loops, which usually relates to Klikitat, but everybody likes the loops they’re so convenient that it’s made all over Yakama. When you find something that works, everyone wants to use it, so why not? It’s got leather thongs and ties so that you can put it on your belt. Without putting it on your belt you would have to be a really skinny women to wear this. It would probably be laced into a thread belt or something. You want it to be made of something soft if you were going to have it dangling around on your body, so it’s usually made out of plain string. They just braid it, maybe four wraps, five wraps. Vivian Adams