Gathering Basket


Coiled cedar, braided lobelled rim; exterior fully imbricated with background of beargrass; cross hatch of reed., height: 5 1/2"; Diameter: 5 3/4",

Cultural Narrative: 

This is a children’s basket. You can see from the inside that it’s been well used. Children’s picking baskets are usually seven inches tall and all cedar. There are loops on the top for lacing after the basket gets filled. Based on the designs it could have came from Klickitat or any of the fourteen tribes and bands of the Yakamas. I haven’t really identified any Priest Rapids work, so I’m not sure because they’re the ones closer to the river (the Big River) for salmon. The Klickitat and Yakama are close to the river for trout and salmon too. You have to pass by those when you get to the berry section. The basket has got intertwining and connecting dark triangles throughout the whole body over the light cedar. They’re diamond shaped actually. It’s a beautiful little basket and looks like it might have been woven by an older person. Vivian Adams, Tisa Matheson, Marlene Simlaw