Gathering Basket


Oval, bundle construction, coiled basket. Slightly curved sides flare from narrow base. Braided rim. Imbricated, geometric design is worn away in some areas. Buckskin loops, near rim. Brown shoelace tied to buckskin. Buckskin strap wrapped around basket through loops. Tump line made of blue and white, mattress strouding., Width at Bottom: 6 1/4"; Width at Top: 11 1/4"; height: 11 1/4",

Cultural Narrative: 

The design looks like cedar and it has been used a lot. This is an old basket, no trademark. This is bear grass and a geometric design of some kind. There are five rows and then they went up, the designs start five rows up, so you know it is Plateau. It has a buckskin strap. You can tell it has been carried on a horse or one someone’s back. You can tell from the larger strap, they would attach it to the saddle or even when they carried it on their back. It is a berry picking basket. Elaine Emerson

The design reminds me of a grizzly bear paw design, we used to have that design. Joe Feddersen