Gathering Basket


Coiled with cedar foundation basket. Partially imbricated, geometric design. Braided, lobelled rim broken in places. Buckskin loops at back side, rim and front near the middle. One buckskin lace at rim., Diameter at Bottom: 6 1/4"; Diameter at Top: 10 7/8"; height: 13",

Cultural Narrative: 

This basket is dried up and cracked. The decorations are light cedar over red cedar. It’s the bottom line, that’s a majority of the basket. It has two leather thongs on the side to hook up to a cotton braided belt, or something they carried along their waist. A very good picker would wear that because you could pick fast and fill it up fast. This is likely Klickitat. The beads look old, there is cloth edging and it is machine sewed, very well put together. The white beads are old, but this is a more storied design, used to tell a story with the bird. The flowers are different shapes. Mom used to do that when she got low on her beads she'd mix them. Vivian Adams