Gathering Basket


Round, cedar bundle construction, coiled basket. Braided, lobelled rim. Fully imbricated geometric design. Buckskin loops attached under rim., height: 3 3/4"; Diameter: 7 1/2",

Cultural Narrative: 

This basket is well used and clean. It has nice tight weaving so it’s either Southern or Northern Plateau. I don’t think they cooked in that because of how tight it is. Vivian Adams

It might have even been a gift for a young girl. Cause even the size of it, it might of been like, something for a young girl. Like someone who may have gotten her name. Or maybe had been getting ready to get married. Something like one of her rites of passage. But then, you can always add buckskin to the basket. Like see, when we put berries away and we put our flowers on top. You know that’s just what we do. We just, we wear buckskin to our flowers down, to keep our berries covered. Jolena Tillequots