Gathering Basket


Coiled basket with rounded base and high, slightly flaring sides. Braided, lobelled rim broken in some places. Imbricated, geometric designs. Some of the pitch has oozed to the outside of the basket. There are three buckskin loops attached to the basket and buckskin strap attached to the top of the handles., height: 10 3/4"; diameter of opening: 9"; Diameter at Bottom: 4 1/4",


A finely made cedar basket.

Cultural Narrative: 

That’s an old Klickitat design. Its Nettee’s book that has the old baskets lined up with hers. One looks like Nettee Spencer. Marlene Simlaw.

That one’s pretty, I like that. Those are beautiful designs on it. And it’s so much thinner than a regular basket isn’t it. It’s taller and more slender, ‘cause you see all those other ones kind of bulge out on the side. Vivian Adams