Gravestone of Bernard A. Brooks at qém’es (Camas) Meadows Battlefield

Cultural Narrative: 

A scenic view of the site of the qém’es (Camas) Meadows Battle, also known as the Battle of qém’es (Camas) Creek, which consisted of two skirmishes and took place in 1877 during the Nez Perce War. General Oliver O. Howard and the Nez Perce army fought the battle throughout the year. The losing Nez Perce army was able to flee before Howard's army could capture them. In the center of the battlefield, the gravestone of Bernard A. Brooks is located which is surrounded by a fence. There are trees in the background, the camera is facing the opposite direction of the mountains. On front of photograph: "Two flat rock [unreadable word] as per your (1). Note Position of camera."