Greg Archuleta - Handing Culture to Next Generation

Greg Archuleta describes some of the various approaches that tribal people take to pass down traditional cultural knowledge. Decisions about how to do this are made at the tribal, community and family level.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"And I think our tribes were always kinda facing those choices and each unique, unique to each tribe, is how I kinda look at it. And what they want to do. You can look at it from a tribal perspective, a community perspective and a family perspective of how you want to decide how that happens. Because we have the same thing where in, even within the tribe, where some people want to keep certain things specifically strict according to these old, old ways. Maybe in other families who have a different way of looking at it. Maybe, might be more open to sharing or doing things a little differently. But I think the important things is that our tribes were never stagnant. That we're always changing. And doing new things also."