húusus 'ewyíin' (Wounded Head's) hímiin (wolf)-skin

Cultural Narrative: 

This hímiin (wolf)-skin was owned and believed to be fashioned by Nimíipuu (Nez Perce) warrior húusus 'ewyíin (Wounded Head). This hímiin (wolf)-skin was believed to provide the warrior protection from harm and as a result, the hímiin (wolf)-skin was only to be worn by the individual while in battle. Though it is unknown when this hímiin (wolf)-skin was originally fashioned, húusus 'ewyíin (Wounded Head) carried it with him throughout the Nez Perce War of 1877 and it is likely he had it prior to the war. húusus 'ewyíin (Wounded Head) would have tied the hímiin (wolf)-skin to his scalp-lock/lock of hair for protection. During the Nez Perce War of 1877 battle 'ickum'kiléelixpe (The Battle of the Big Hole), húusus 'ewyíin (Wounded Head) was injured when a bullet glanced his head. Records indicate that húusus 'ewyíin (Wounded Head) believed he survived his injury due to wearing his hímiin (wolf)-skin. This hímiin (wolf)-skin is a hímiin (wolf) tail tuft with a tanned buckskin strap added later by L. V. McWhorter. In size, it is 20.3 cm in length. Evidence suggests that the hímiin (wolf)-skin was later given to L. V. McWhorter by húusus 'ewyíin' (Wounded Head's) daughter in July 1926.