Highest Point At Lamáta (White Bird)

Cultural Narrative: 

As Capt. Perry's forces descended into this draw, six Nez Perce approached Lieutenant Edward Theller with a white flag. The Lieutenant then had his accompanying bugler inform Capt. Perry of the sighting. Theller's scout, Ad Chapman, fired twice at the approaching Nez Perce, missing both times, whereas the Nez Perce returned fire, killing Trumpeter Jones. The death of Trumpeter Jones could explain the disorganization of the widely dispersed men and their heavy casualties. Highest point skirting Lamáta (White Bird Battlefield) on the south. This rocky ridge has been claimed to have been manned by the Nez Perce. The soldiers were not permitted to advance so far south, it was in the foreground where scout Chapman advanced, and the bugler was killed at the extreme left margin of the picture. However, the shot was a long distance one, as told by lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons). The battle raged to the north, to the right of the ridge.