iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) & Wottolen

Cultural Narrative: 

Wottolen, a veteran warrior is seated next to his oldest son, 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) who is standing. Father and son are posing in a natural setting. Wottolen and 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) are wearing modern attire. However, 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) is wearing a necklace composed of beads. Also, a long strap is draped around 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wound's) neck. 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) (Sam Lott) served as an interpreter for much of hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf's) narrative. Wottolen, a veteran warrior was a prominent leader in the Nez Perce War. The photographer of this image, Alonzo V. Lewis was the Seattle sculptor that was hired to create the memorial statue of hinmatóoyalahtq’it (Chief Joseph).