Indians fishing at Prosser Dam


Photograph depicting Indians fishing at Prosser Dam, 1918.

Cultural Narrative: 

Indians fishing at Prosser Dam: Fishing has always been a subsistence task for Plateau people, ever since Brother Salmon gave himself to us for our well-being in the ancient times. And, there's the ongoing work by the Plateau people through the efforts of the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission to revive, restore, and conserve fish runs; always hoping to persuade the dams to build better ladders for the fish to climb. Vivian Adams, Yakama

Traditional Knowledge: 


We have annual salmon feasts to honor and give thanks to our Brother in accordance with the laws we were given by our Creator. These days it is difficult fishing because the number of salmon has been decreased by the vast number of dams in our rivers; making it difficult for Brother Salmon to perform his life-required navigation of our waters to the sea and back. Of course, there are also the expensive ongoing court battles Plateau people find necessary to keep White treaty promises valid and to get a fair share of fishing. Vivian Adams, Yakama