Jesse Paul and Lydia Conditt Photo and History

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There are two photos in this document of Jesse Paul (Ka-kun-nee, Black Raven) and Lydia Conditt (Tow-le-kit-we-son-my, Woman of the Forest). Jesse Paul's image is of him wearing an open coat with a scarf. Underneath his coat you can see a stripped shirt and light colored pant. His hair is slicked back and he has no facial expression. Lydia's image is of her wearing nice clothing. It is uncertain as to what exactly she is wearing. Around her neck is a necklace and there is a bit of ribbon stick out from behind her head. Her hair is pulled back and she also does not have a facial expression. Below the images are their names, date of birth, and date of death. There is then a paragraph that discusses a bit of the history of these two individuals. History discussed is their early marriage life, children, and work with the Nez Perce allotments.