lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons)

Cultural Narrative: 

Photograph of lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons), a Nez Perce Warrior, who fought in the Nez Perce Wars of 1877. "Two Moons," or " lepít híisemtuks," described many of his stories about tribal warfare to McWhorter. Although he had a small stature, lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons) battled Lakota Warriors in the Great Plains and earned a reputation as a fearless fighter. lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons) was the first to bring the news of the outbreak of hostilities to hinmatóoyalahtq’it (Chief Joseph) and his brother ’álok’at (Alokat). During the War of 1877, lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons) was aided by his wife in battle. When he ran out of ammunition for his tim’úuni (rifle), his wife crawled out onto the field of battle and secured ammunition from the cartridge belts of dead soldiers.