Lieutenant Rains Last Stand

Cultural Narrative: 

Where Native Americans say Lieutenant Rains and companions made last stand, Nez Perce War, 1877. This picture was identified as the spot where the last of the Lieutenant Rains company was annihilated as stated in Bennet's narrative. The rock formation was identified by hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf) as the actual spot where Lieutenant Rains and his companions were killed. A squad of ten men, under Lieutenant Sevier M. Rains, along with Foster and another guide, rode out in search of a comrade named Blewett. Red Spy had, of course, raised the alarm at the Nez Perce camp, and a party of warriors set out from there to confront Lt. Rains. They reached the top of the ridge to the north here, saw the military camp at Cottonwood, and fanned out in the two ravines above to attack. Lieutenant Rains had been told to keep to the high ground, but apparently became careless and came up toward this area in search of Blewett's body, leading to an inevitable confrontation. ’elelímyeté’qenin’ (Looking Glass), páaxataas 'ewyíin' (Five Wounds), wacámyos (Rainbow), and lepít híisemtuks (Two Moons) with several others wiped all 11 men out.