Looking North from the Flat where Monument Markers are Erected at c'aynim 'alikinwaaspa (Bear Paw Mountain)

Cultural Narrative: 

Over the c'aynim 'alikinwaaspa (Bear Paw Mountain battlefield), looking from the North from the flat where memorial monuments are erected. A memorial shaft is visible on the bank at right center. The tim’úuni (rifle) pits dug by the Nez Perce for noncombatants are to the south, and located at regular intervals on the crest of the bank beyond the trees. Because of the location, approach was virtual suicide, as learned by Colonel Miles' troops. McWhorter visited this site multiple times, first in 1927 when, along with hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf), the battlefield was first staked. In 1932, when this photograph was taken, McWhorter returned to replace stakes that were missing due to weather and erosion. On verso of the photograph: "Looking North from the flat where markers are situated, over the Bear Paw Mountain battlefield. The shaft erected to the memory of the Indians on the bank at right centre. One rifle pit to south of this and at regular intervals on crest of bank beyond trees adorn the scene making any approach virtual suicide as Miles learned in attempting to carry Joseph's position by assault. Where the men are in evidence the most southern outpost of the Nez Perce were located. Photo Nov 24th 1932 by Emil Kopac Oshkosh Neb."