Louie Pitt - River as Provider

Louie Pitt talks about the river as a provider, and the spiritual connection to the natural resources in and along the river.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"The river is just such a great provider, it provided fish just all year around. And it also, water which is always something needed for any village or any civilization to live. And then of course you need wood. So the river actually, if you know what you were doing, you would have places where wood would float down and you could gather it throughout the year. Our people traveled throughout the year through to different ways of life. Today we still celebrate like we have, I think for thousands of years, as Mrs. Staccona might have told you, our feasts start with water, start with then the first foods is salmon and deer and roots and berries and back to water again. And that's kinda been one of our formulas that we've had that you take care of these gifts from the creator and they'll take care of you. So that's something that we've learned from the land. Anyways the river was just a very intense place with a lot of life, a lot of vibrancy for people and God's gifts and natural resources."