L.V. McWhorter's wooden pipe stem

Cultural Narrative: 

This is the wooden pipe stem for L. V. McWhorter's ceremonial pipe. L.V. McWhorter's ceremonial pipe is also part of the L.V. McWhorter Artifact Collection and is cataloged as 1986.2.112a. Evidence suggests that Nimíipuu (Nez Perce) members made the pipe specifically for L.V. McWhorter and it is likely they made the accompanying pipe stem, too. This pipe stem is made from mít’ip (elderberry) wood, wrapped with red streamers and feathers, and wound with a bluish/purple yarn. The additional decorations on the pipe stem are likely because L.V. McWhorter's pipe is considered a ceremonial pipe. In size, the pipe stem is 51 cm in length. Though it is unknown when this pipe stem was originally created, the assumption is that it was made along with the ceremonial pipe specifically for L.V. McWhorter. This suggests it was likely made in the early 1900s when L.V. McWhorter was living in the state of Washington.

L.V. McWhorter's wooden pipe stem is in the top of the photograph and is cataloged as 1986.2.112b. The other items below it include the deteriorated rifle buttstock (1986.2.35) on the left and piyopyóotálikt' (Peo Peo Tholekt's) drinking cup (1986.2.75) on the right.