Lydia's Autograph Book: Friends, Forget Me Not 1 - Page 41

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"Dearest Loving Sweetheart, When you are old and cannot see put on your specs then think of me. May your virtures ever spread like fatter on hot ginger bread and when your wedding day comes send me a slice of cake you know? remember our happy hours and days that we have spent together. Remember and bear in mind that good ture friends in hard to find and where you find one change not the old for the new, hope you will live to be a happy lady when you go on. May you never change except in name. When I am away in my grave think of the times we have spent together. Remember my per, Your sister Eva A. S. Helen. 81x 3/ 2x47". "Page 94". "Jan 7, 1889". "Your might for get Chemawa, Or so I will put it down".

Eva A.S. Helm