Man's Beaded Buckskin Shirt


This outfit and drum appear in a number of historic photographs associated with Willie Andrews (Enrolled, Spokane Tribe of Indians) including this photograph of him with the Chap Dunning collection taken around 1945. Chap C. Dunning Collection, L90-109. (Source: Exhibit Label Text, "Living Legacy: The American Indian Collection", July 19, 2008 - April 23, 2011) Body of shirt has straight bottom and curved underarm areas of a Southern Plains shirt. Open down front. Square cut sleeves. Fringes along sleeves, around tops of sleeves and around bottom. Wide lazy stitch Plains style shoulder strips, white with cut red and green bead stepped triangles and flanking diagonal lines. Sleeve strips are Sioux legging strips four multicolored triangles alternating with four rose crosses. length: 32"