Men's Moccasin Pair


Pair of men's Plateau syle moccasins with heavy bison hide soles, not as heavy as Plains rawhide soles. The uppers are lighter elk hide dyed yellow from bison gall or yellow ochre. The cuff is ankle height and stands straight up. There is a thin piece of tanned hide added to the top of the cuff that folds over. This piece of tanned hide is rounded at the front and extends in front by almost three inches. All sewing is done with cotton thread. The back seam of the cuff is covered by a half inch wide band of seed beading. This band consists of alternating diagonal lines of dark and light blue seed beads. The tongue is a long rectangular piece of tanned hide sewn on with cotton thread. The front of the cuff on each side is threaded with a single tanned hide between the two sides that then ties. The entire front of the upper is decorated with an elaborate stylized floral design in light blue, dark blue, yellow, green, red, and pink seed beads. 13/0 and 14/0 cut beads., length: 8 13/16"; width: 4 1/4"