Men's Moccasins Pair


A pair of men's soft one piece Plateau style moccasins. The soles and uppers are one piece of tanned hide with a single seam on the little toe side. There is also a back seam at the heel. All sewing is done with brown thread. The cuff has an extra part sewn onto the top. This extra part is 3 1/2" long and folds over. A pair of tanned hide thongs at the front of the cuff is for tying. There is a very long rectangular piece of tanned hide sewn on as a tongue. The decoration covers the front of the upper. It consists of an abstract floral design in light blue, green, red, pink, gold, dark blue, black and silver seed beads. There are three leaves, one abstract tulip like flower and a four petalled blossem. There are three short tanned hide projections at the back bottom of thd heel., length: 9 1/4"; width: 4 3/4"