Miniture Basket


Small, round, bundle construction, coiled basket with handle. Fully imbricated, geometric design. Handle broken., Diameter: 2 1/2"; height: 2 1/2",

Cultural Narrative: 

This basket is a little different than the others. It has a braiding handle on it, and it looks like it’s also been used for berries. It looks like it’s been used for berries because there are little remnants of berry skin color on the inside. It has a dark linking on the bottom and a dark border on the top. Between the borders are four triangles. In between each triangle is an arrowhead. The colors are natural. They dyed them in different ways. Some they would bury in the mud with grape leaves I think, or soak with urine, which makes it turn yellow. They also used Sumac. This object was made between 1900-1925, I would say they could have used, acrylic dyes especially on the little Red Cedars that make the arrowhead.  Vivian Adams, Marlene Simlaw