Nez Perces Walla-qua-mit and Jim White stand with Umatilla man named Chu-ya, 1903


Three men in ceremonial dress pose on Pendelton rug near a tepee, ca. 1900-1910. Each man holds a blanket over his left arm, and wears braid decorations, leggings and beaded moccasins. Man in center wears a decorated jacket, the men on either side of him wear plain shirts, necklaces and arm bands. In background are a number of other tepees in semi circle. Note from unidentified source: left to right: Walla-qua-mit, Nez Perce; Chu-ya, Umatilla; Jim White, Nez Perce, younger brother of White Bird Caption on mount: Three Nez Perce bucks Prosch Indian Album, v. 1, no. 13

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United States--Northwest, Pacific